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Dollyrocket is a 100% South African website designed to help South African preschool teachers prepare for their weeks ahead at school. It's a comprehensive site that gives you a choice of lesson plans for all the different learning areas for each theme you need. Now you can build your weekly timetable in just a few minutes. It's that easy! < br />< br /> Dollyrocket is ideal for all preschool teachers, principals and parents who home school. We're confident that au pairs, classroom assistants and parents who want to extend their children will also love Dollyrocket and enjoy all the benefits. < br />< br/> In a nut shell, we have 36 themes so far, and cover lessons in numeracy, art, science, technology, physical education, songs and give ideas for story books for each of the themes!

Latest News

30-May-2013New Themes

If you would like us to cover a theme you have not seen on Dollyrocket, please let us know! We always welcome your suggestions!..

15-May-2013Winter Wonderland

It’s a wonderful time of year to keep busy inside where its warm, take a look at the WINTER activity ideas. Why not make a "Birdie food cake" with the kids? They are quick to make, and you'll h..

01-May-2013Keeping busy indoors

Winter is almost upon us and as the weather gets chilly why not look at a few interesting, fun and educational activities to keep the littlies occupied!..

How does it work?

Choose a theme, choose a learning area. Browse through the many lessons and add the lessons you want to your timetable with a click of a button.

What does it cost?

  • 3 months - R99 (12 Timetables)
  • 6 months - R199 (26 Timetables)
  • 12 months - R299 (52 Timetables)

Dollyrocket is a comprehensive website that includes:

  • Thousands of easy to follow step-by-step theme-based lesson plans in seven learning areas
  • Theme discussion material for every theme
  • Ask-An-Expert when you need help with difficulties in your classroom
  • Monthly Competitions
  • Be part of the teaching community, and join other Dollyrocket subscribers

Free Trial?

Free trial

Sign up now for a free 3 week trial and enjoy all the benefits Dollyrocket has to offer. After you have had a sample of how much Dollyrocket can help you, we hope you'll be in love with it as much as we are!